Recipe for Bad Day Cake

I love my job in general practice, but sometimes you just have a bad day at work and need to drown your sorrows with a nice piece of cake.  ImageHere’s a recipe for a bad day ‘cake’ in GP land.


  • 1 teaspoon of a rough night’s sleep
  • 5 patients being squeezed in for appointments (shredded into double bookings)
  • 15 patients with multiple vague or challenging issues
  • 1 cup of faulty printer
  • 2 glugs of running out of script paper
  • a pinch of emergencies at the hospital
  • 1 angry patient


  • preheat the day by running late and missing breakfast
  • lightly mix a dull tension headache from a rough night’s sleep with the double bookings
  • turn in the double bookings with the faulty printer and note that the tension headache becomes stronger
  • throw in the vague and challenging presentations – the tension headache will strengthen further
  • run at least an hour late and see that the stress rises exponentially
  • then add the lack of script paper alternately with the emergencies at the hospital
  • finally, before calling it the worst day in GP land, deal with the angry patient to taste

Serve hot and with your colleagues for a therapeutic debriefing session!


6 thoughts on “Recipe for Bad Day Cake

  1. Mmmm, tasty – I would usually add a little bureaucracy to ice the cake. The cure I prescribe is 1. Pizza delivered to your door, 2. Red wine and 3. Chocolate in any form. Preferably in that order, but it’s a fail-safe remedy anyway you take it.

  2. Hmmm – some familiar things here! Is that fact that most ingredients are mixed around at work every day a problem, or does swapping out just a couple of ingredients make good day cake instead?

    • Hey Dave! Bad Day Cake is really only when all of these things combine in one day… So I suppose swapping out a few ingredients (e.g. taking out the angry patient and the printer issues, and replacing them with a lovely coffee bought for you by a colleague, and a decent lunch break without interruption) may well make Good Day Cake, but it depends on your outlook!

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