5 Signs You Are Procrastinating

In the lead-up to the RACGP’s fellowship examinations (#GPexams13), for which the two written exams are less than a week away, I have noticed a few things in myself and others which suggest to me that procrastination is afoot!

1. You are writing a blog post instead of studying

2. You are checking your emails and twitter to make sure you are up to date

3. You are doing the vacuuming which has been neglected for the past couple of weeks (right now seemed like a particularly good time to do this)

4. You invited family/friends over for a lovely home-cooked meal and made sure the house was spotless before they arrived

5. You started practising at that hobby you had intended to focus more on months ago, e.g. playing the piano

Thankfully, I have had an awesome GP study group helping to keep me accountable and studious throughout the year, so I am confident that despite my recent brush with procrastination, things will be ok.  And in the process, my house is the cleanest it has been in a while!

I would be interested to hear some of the more interesting ways you have avoided study!

12 thoughts on “5 Signs You Are Procrastinating

  1. 1. Yes indeed.
    2. Yes, how else did I discover this post?
    3. Yes, the house got a makeover today.
    4. Yep, last week!
    5. I’ve had the sewing machine out twice in the last week.

    It’s very productive in my house right now. I considered making lemon curd today. Denial?

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